Hi, Welcome to my portfolio.

I’m Jordan, a graduate of Northumbria University where I achieved a First Class honours in Interaction Design. 

Currently based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, I am actively searching for suitable roles as a UX/ UI Designer, Digital Designer or a Product Designer.

I am a highly motivated designer that is driven by challenges and achievements. I enjoy producing unique ideas and creating enjoyable user interactions. I have recently been published in ACM Interactions magazine for one of my ideas. Passionate about design I like to experiment and iterate my designs to produce ambitious concepts. I have excellent communications skills that allows me to present my ideas in a professional manner. I thrive in a team and enjoy working with others as this allows us to work of each other’s strengths to produce a well-rounded concept.

Experienced in numerous programmes and tools I can design and develop a range of different concepts. This includes Adobe Creative Suite, Invision, Proto.io, Motion Tracking Technology, Arduino, Ableton live, Unity and Coding HTML/CSS


After Effects
Premiere Pro
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