Product Design / Prototype/ UX/ UI Deign


In a group develop a design solution that utilises ‘Advanced Textiles’ to improve wellbeing or the quality of people’s lives.


From the research we gathered that there was an overabundance of smart wristwear so we decided that we would try to come up with a product that is unique to the market. We uncovered that employees that use smart technology at work are usually happier and productive. By doing an exercise called 1000 ideas we were able to find a gap in the market, find a target audience and come up with a useful concept to develop. By looking at current advanced textiles we were able to gain knowledge in the kind of technology and fabrics that are currently out there.


From the 1000 ideas generation exercise we came up with the idea for a smart glove for working with electrics. We started to develop the idea of a smart glove for electrics creating user boards and focusing on the users such as professionals, DIY enthusiast and the unexperienced. Developing a companion application to provide in-depth knowledge and control the settings of the glove.

Final solution

Emitts the unique smart glove tailored to make electric work safe and simple.  By introducing the Emitts with the companion application, the users can feel confident that the product will make working with electrics easier with the handy features whilst providing them with protection from electrics.

Role: UX Researcher, UI / UX Designer, Video Director

Tech & Resources: InDesign, Photoshop, After Effects, Invision

Clients: University Project

Date: 2018

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