Web Design / E-mag / Branding / Social Media Campaign / WordPress


Create a fully responsive, online publication for a local or niche topic, using the WordPress platform, as well as a online social media campaign to promote the publication.


This project focused on a content driven online magazine. I wanted to create a brand that young men could relate with. I fitted into the audience demographic which helped me decided what design decisions I could make. After doing market research, competitor analysis, creating personas, and developing the brand, I was excited to use WordPress to create my magazine.


After the research was complete, I was eager to start the developing of my ideas into visuals, collect relatable content and progress these findings into my online magazine. I tried to create a brand that would relate the modern Man. The brand attributes targeted ambitious, stylish, inspiring young men. I believe I was able to achieve this with my Logo, Colour scheme and branding of the website. Using WordPress I was able to develop my HTML and CSS skills to edit the theme to how I envisioned.

Final Solution

MAN – Men’s Aesthetic Needs allows the modern man to find out the latest in Fitness, Fashion and Grooming. It delivers helpful advice and interesting news to the target audience keeping them on trend. I developed the #MansTheWord campaign to help promote the magazine. The campaign encouraged men to post a selfie of themselves using the hashtag to win a bundle of Manly prizes. 

Role: Brand & Web Designer, Content Architect.

Tech & Resources: Illustrator, Photoshop, WordPress, HTML & CSS

Clients: University Project

Date: 2017

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