Sage One

UX / UI / Branding/ Video


In a group of two pitch a concept for the ‘next generation’ of Sage One employee management and payroll software.


Payroll can be tedious, mind-numbing and a time-consuming task to complete for managers. Having to focus our idea on Small business with a high turn-over of staff we decided we would focus on connecting the employer to the employees in an easy applications. Having experience as a Payroll Administrator I was aware of the issues that one might face. We were able to identify the issues, user test other applications and gain and understanding of what the application should consist off. Also conducting a questionnaire of peoples experiences with payroll was useful as we found out the pains they have faced.


Once the research was done we were able to wire frame the application and think about the features the sage application would have. Developing screens for the employer and the employee, testing these screen and reiterating the designs into hi-fidelity screens. Introducing an in app communication services allows for the employer and employees to stay connected.

Final solutions

We presented to the Client our new idea of what the sage one payroll could look like and showed our design thinking and research. Receiving amazing feedback as we “had a polished” concept that allowed the client to use the prototype whilst we talked over the findings.

Employee Screens

Employer Screens

Role: UI Designer, UX Designer

Tech & Resources: Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Invision

Clients: University Project, Sage One

Date: 2016

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