Experiential / Installation / Motion Tracking/ Animation


Create a sensor-based interface to allow users to interact with an audio-visual environment.

Research insights

The brief was broad and open for me to experiment with my own ideas outside of the computer screen. I came up with numerous ideas using tracking and different displays to create an immersive experience. I made a first prototype of my idea and tested this with my target audience that gave me the feedback that this was something they would enjoy.


I decided to go the educational route to help immerse children into different technologies rather than using their screen. I aimed for this to be an interesting educational sensory room for children that would be enjoyable. Developing on my initial animations, graphics and sounds I was able to develop this into a more immersive experience.

Final solution

I created WANDER. Wander is a sensor –based interface where the user uses a motion tracker connected to their wrist. Using motion tracking the user will go to different environments and use the tracker the trigger different animations/ sounds.

Role: UX Researcher, UX Designer, Animator, Illustrator, Video Editor

Tech & Resources: InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Ableton Live, GAMs and Studio, Modul8

Clients: University Project

Date: 2016

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