Well Circle

UX/UI/ Service Design/ Branding


How can Well Pharmacy be future proofed to remain relevant and competitive in an increasingly digital marketplace?

Research insight

For this project we conducted numerous interviews with customers and pharmacists. Calling into numerous pharmacies we were able to get a better understanding of the roles and issues that pharmacists face.

Staff where rushed and didn’t have the time to interact with their customers the way they would like. They have an older demographic who use the pharmacy so they wanted to stay away from applications, so they do not feel alienated. Majority of users requested a better prescription service.


After we done out research we decided to develop some concepts for the feedback we gathered. We came up with numerous ideas such as delivery service, ins-store persecution dispenser, introducing a prescription card and an out of hours dispenser. Gather further feedback from our peers and users we were able to find out the pros and cons of each idea. We decided to combine the concepts so we had the strengths mentioned in the feedback.

Final solution

Well Circle the in-store prescription dispenser that is combined with a loyalty card. This system ensures prescriptions are being picked up securely, allocates times for users to come collect and gives the users loyalty points to spend instore. This will hopefully bring in a younger demographic to use Well pharmacy.

Role: UX Researcher, UI / UX Designer, Video Director, Animator

Tech & Resources: InDesign, Photoshop, After Effects

Clients: University Project, Well Pharmacy

Date: 2017

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